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Saturday, 3 October 2009


... nil points. Great news for the grinning mutation as the President's job is looking pretty good for him now. Bad news for anyone who thought he was a devious little cunt who shouldn't be trusted, and bad news for anyone who felt an unelected body of appointees, often serial election losers and former politicians no longer popular with their own electorates, are just the people to rule half a billion people. Saddest of all is that the Irish, a people I've always thought of as fiercely independent and properly ballsy, have caved in so easily - it took little more than a repeat of the question and a hint that they gave the wrong answer the first time round. Given all the tears shed an blood spilt over Ulster being part of the UK it seems a decidedly strange move to give the rest of the fucking country to Brussels.

Meanwhile back in Britain pretty much the last thing in the way of the Lisbon Constitreaty is Cameron's Conservative Party. In other words, the treaty's going ahead and the country's fucked.
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