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Saturday, 17 October 2009


A pyrrhic victory for the Equality and Yoominrights mob. As George Pitcher says in The Telegraph, they may have forced the BNP to change its rules so it no longer discriminates against prospective members on race or religious grounds, and in the sort term they might consider that a win. But wait till they wheel out their first useful idiot non-white member to show how un-racist and mainstream they are and it turns into an epic fail. Let them be as prejudiced as they please - for one thing it's their party and they absolutely should be free to choose who gets in and who doesn't, and for another it encourages them to keep their prejudices on the surface for everyone to see.


JuliaM said...

They've only got to find a few, though, and they've pretty much taken away the main plank of the left:

'You're racist!'

'No we aren't, look!' *wheels forward black member*



'That's not a real black man! You just painted one of your members with boot polish!'

*British public decide not to vote for any of these clowns*

Angry Exile said...

I thought Australia had already proved that blacking up white guys is too easily spotted ;-)

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