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Saturday, 17 October 2009

Peace loving?

In the off chance that any Muslims happen to read this, I for one think Geert Wilders is mistaken* and I feel his film, which I did sit down and watch all the way through, is an alarmist beat up job. But if you want him to be the one who looks unreasonable and intolerant then this is something that works for him and not for you.
... about thirty male activists from a group called Islam for UK began chanting: "Wilders burn in hell" and "Sharia for UK".

Brandishing banners saying, “Sharia is the solution, freedom go to hell” and “Geert Wilders deserves Islamic punishment”, the protesters were held back by about fifty policemen.
Those Muslims who want him to have an Islamic punishment need to realise that they're in the wrong country for that, and should perhaps try persuading Wilders to visit a country with Sharia law. Those Muslims who want Sharia law also need to realise that they're in the wrong country, and should perhaps try moving permanently to where the legal system they desire already exists. Those who hate freedom should consider that it is thanks only to the principle of freedom of religion that they can practise their religion at all as Britain has an official state religion of its own and in the past competing religions have been viciously persecuted.

I know these people don't represent all Muslims any more than an Irish Catholic nail bomber represented a billion or more Roman Catholics, but if you fail to stand up and say that they don't speak for the rest of you then people will begin to assume they do. If you want Wilders ignored and marginalised then stop these idiots from rocking up and helping his argument with their own hatred of the man.

Just saying.


Bill Sticker said...

This has always baffled me, but at the risk of being called 'racist', I'll ask. Why do people who appear to hate the concept of freedom even want to live in (relatively) free countries?

Angry Exile said...

Dunno that the UK even deserves to be called 'relatively' free these days - just there are still some things that you're mostly allowed to do without there being regulations for it. But to answer the question, er, dunno about that either. I suppose it's like me living here in Oz despite the annoying and petty over regulation - the pros outweigh the cons. For freedom haters I suppose the attraction of living in the west with its veneer of freedom is that this sect can't persecute that sect. Those who get free money are even easier to explain.

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