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Monday, 26 October 2009


Not long ago I took the piss out of Apple for claiming infringement over Woolworths in Australia for having a logo that was vaguely apple-y but really quite unlike the Apple apple, and basically said how ridiculous it was.

Sorry Apple, I take it all back now that I've read this.
A Harry Potter themed dinner at her home in West London has been banned by Warner Brothers, because they say it infringes its copyright.
Oh, do fucking behave. She's not setting up a rival theme park, you pointlessly litigious tools, it's a dinner party at her fucking house for Christ's sake. She's not feeding off your backs or J.K. Rowling's books, right? She's not making money off it either. So what the fuck is your problem? You're quite happy for everyone to rock up to bookstores, signings and movie premieres dressed up as wizards, so apart from the fact this one doesn't involve Warner Brothers what's the difference? You going to lose any DVD sales from it? Is it going to damage ticket sales for the last couple of movies? Will it put people off buying the merchandising? Frankly I can't see how, and there's the off chance that there may be an attendee or two who has so far dodged the hype and they might have enjoyed themselves enough to check out the films. It's a bit sad maybe but it's a bit of harmless fun that can't possibly hurt your brand, unless of course someone acts like a spoiled, petulant child and fires off a cease and desist type letter wailing 'waaaaaahhhh nofair nofair it's our name ours ours ours ours ours we don't have to share it and you can't make us nyer nyer nyrer!' You see if that happens some people will think that you're a bunch of over-bearing litigation happy twats and spend their money elsewhere.

I wonder when the next Bond film is out?
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