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Saturday, 10 October 2009

Pushing the envelope.

Only marginally more sane than giving a Nobel prize to someone for showing up on their first day of work at a new job is going on strike when the company is merrily pissing off most of the country by raising prices and abusing its state sanctioned monopoly, when you and your colleagues are taking flak for not doing the job properly, when it's struggling to clear the backlog built up as a result of the last strike and when major customers are taking their business elsewhere because they can't rely on the service - not for the first time and not least because of the constant threat of fucking strikes.

Did I say marginally more sane than Obama's Nobel prize? Jesus Christ, it actually makes giving him an honorary Knighthood and VC look almost sensible by comparison. The posties must have a fucking death wish for Royal Mail, and for the life of me I can't think why. When they've brought it to its knees and the government is finally forced to shut it down or break it up many of them are going to end up working in the private sector, and if they think for a nanosecond that DHL or UPS are going to let them fuck off home early just because they were lucky enough to have a light bag for their route that day they're fucking dreaming. If/when it happens they can kiss goodbye to the Spanish practices and generous pensions because it simply can't happen in the private sector, lacking as it does the means to keep screwing money out of citizens to prop up institutions like Royal Mail. And that assumes that firms like DHL or UPS will want the same cunts who destroyed Royal Mail despite it enjoying a state sanctioned monopoly.

UPDATE: Hahahahahahahahahahaha.
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