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Thursday, 29 October 2009

Andre Agassi and crystal meth.

Who died? Nobody.

Who did he steal from to buy it? Nobody.

So why should we give a stuff what he chooses to put into his body? It might be stupid, but if so it's stupid that doesn't really hurt me except for all the tedious fucking legislation dreamed up by governments to fight the drug problem that creates additional aggro every time I get a plane somewhere. And frankly I blame the reaction to drug use rather than drug use for that. Besides, I admit to having a soft spot for Agassi because he's got less hair than I have.


Sue said...

Socialism.. I hate it with a passion!

Angry Exile said...

Mmmm, I don't mind it if people want to be socialists. It's that they feel they have to force it on the rest of us that annoys me.

Greg Delaney said...

First Phelps, now Agassi -- both ingested an illegal substance then went on to record-breaking performances in their respective sports

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