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Monday, 26 October 2009

More please.

Via Guido who says
Yasmin Alibhai-Brown leads these dangerous radicals.

My 2¢ is that Yasmin Alibah-Brown may write some shit from time to time but I have a great deal of respect for her and the rest of the BMSD for this. I feel that more Western Muslims standing up for freedom, liberty and a little live and let live will do a lot to counter not only the porn using, dope smoking, hypocrisy ridden pisshead Andy Anjem Choudary and the other headcases wanting Sharia law in the UK, but also the intolerant xenophobes of the BNP. I very much hope they get a load of support, and that the more rabid sections of the main stream media report on it.

Love the slogans, by the way, though I have a couple of minor points to raise:
Laugh At Those Who Insult Freedom, They Are Very Silly People
They can also be very dangerous people, and we forget that at our peril. I'm not just thinking about Muslims here - Western governments have a lousy track record in that department, and I'm sorry to say I stopped laughing and started swearing about it a while back.
Free Speech Will Dominate The World, All May Speak Their Minds

Liberal Democracy Will Rule The World, Freedom Is Here To Stay
Noble sentiments. Let's hope, and pray if that's your thing, that we all live to see it.


Rob Farrington said...

This is fantastic news.

I'm just wondering though, what would happen if both the BMSD and the English Defense League turned up to protest against the islamoloonies on the same day.

I don't doubt that some rank and file members of the EDL joined genuinely accepting the organisation's official line that they're non-racist and are just opposed to Islamic extremism. Presumably, those people should see the BMSD as natural allies.

What about those EDL members who like to give nazi salutes and see all muslims as the enemy, though? Who would end up fighting who?

Jim Fryar said...

Great find, I have borrowed it to spread it further. Thanks.

Angry Exile said...

Rob, agreed. Both fantastic and also could be an interesting dilemma for the extreme section of the EDL. What do you do when some of those you say are dangerous and freedom hating turn around and nod, and join you in opposing the real nutters? Kind of steals the thunder, eh? Actually I think the mickey taking approach by the BMSD is inspired because it tackles two lots of opposing extremists at the same time.

Jim, yes, I felt the same way and reposted it for much the same reasons.

Anonymous said...
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Angry Exile said...

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