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Monday, 12 October 2009

Your starter for ten.

Who should be embarrassed here? St George's University Challenge team for not recognising Kevin Rudd or Kevin Rudd for not being important enough to recognise? Hmmmmm...... actually it's Kevin Rudd, isn't it? Ask yourselves whether most Uni Challenge teams would have recognised John Howard two years into his time as PM without what Dick Puddlecote would call an upside down person on the squad. We may be just about big enough to sneak into the G20 (though that might be just because they keep making the number bigger - make it the G100 next time and see what happens) but that doesn't guarantee recognition among young people on the other side of the world. Here in Oz there are probably plenty who'd recognise Gordon Clown's name if not his face as well, but that's only because of historic ties, large numbers of ex-pat Brits and the fact the slow motion car crash that is Britain's current government has entertained made news throughout the anglosphere. But ask about David Cameron or Nick Clegg and few here will have the faintest idea. So let the St George's team have a little slack, Paxman.
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