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Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Less please.

The reason why it's so important for the majority of peaceful Muslims who just want to be able to practise their religion without any grief over it to stand up to the fundamentalists, as the BMSD will be doing in a few days, is because of fucknuggetry like this:
The global financial crisis, crippling drought and the Black Saturday fires that killed 173 people were all part of Allah's will to punish the "filthy people" of Australia, one of the men accused of plotting to attack Sydney's Holsworthy army base has claimed.
Perhaps he'd like to ask his god why Australia has weathered the financial crisis comparatively well (a recent return to Britain showed us that, as it says on the number plates, Victoria - or Australia - is the place to be), why recent rains are refilling some of the dams, and why the devastating bush fires only killed 173* - considerably fewer than was first feared and less than you'd expect from one largish airliner going down. He might also want to ask what Allah had against all the wildlife that got barbecued alive or smoked to death, whether the failure to actually build any new dams for some years has been a factor in the water shortage and, above all else, why Allah saw fit to allow those alleged to be planning to attack the Holsworthy base to be caught.

It's weird. How can a faith produce contemptible, hate filled nutjobs and at the same time moderate, reasonable
people who value freedom and secularism precisely because it means they can practise their religion in peace? Since the same happens in other religions it can't be Islam any more than this fuckwit is what he is because of Christianity or this guy and this guy because of Sikhism. I guess it's a people thing - while xenophobes and racists would love to believe otherwise arseholes, nutters and murderers unfortunately don't come colour coded or with a convenient religious identifying label.

* I don't want to minimise it, and I've seen some of the fire damaged area for myself and found it a little creepy and unnerving, especially at night. The words of this sick fuck are distasteful, no question about it, but the point is that if it's the act of a vengeful deity you have to wonder why we got off so lightly.
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