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Friday, 16 October 2009

Kids, balloons, Twitter and Kanye West.

This on this.
“Yo Balloon Boy, I'ma let you finish, but Anne Frank had the best attic hideout spot of all time.”


JuliaM said...

Best. Twitter comment. Ever!

Angry Exile said...

Yeah, outstanding isn't it? And whoever said it didn't waste any time. It had only been on the news here that the kid had turned up a short while before the tweet got a mention.

JuliaM said...

Latest news is that the little darling has let the cat out of the bag on TV:

"Today his father Richard Heene angrily denied suggestions that the episode was a publicity stunt deliberately engineered by the family, who have appeared on reality show Wife Swap on two occasions.

But police have confirmed they are set to reinterview the family after Falcon himself appeared to let the cat out of the bag on television.

Asked by news anchor Wolf Blitzer, who was standing in for Larry King, if he had heard his frantic family calling his name, and if he had why he hadn't come out of his hiding place.

Pausing, Falcon replied: 'We did it for the show'."


Angry Exile said...

Yeah, well with UFOlogist dad or whatever type of window licker he is I wouldn't be surprised, and I saw something on a news report last night that ran along similar lines that the kid had said something that's basically blow the gaff. Never work with kids or animals, eh? I didn't hear exactly what it was that gave it away as due to my attention deficit...

ooooooooh shiny shiny.

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