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Friday, 23 October 2009

Useful idiots.

Useful to the BNP that is.

Yeah, go UAF! Nice work, fucktards. You could have blanked the twat and made the whole thing a non-event beyond the 'Minor Politician Makes Tit Of Self' column filler that would have been my ideal, but no, you had to turn up and try to prevent him getting into the studio. I don't know how accurate Griffin's claim that the Labour Party financed groups of protestors to come from all over the country - I'd have thought it's probably bollocks actually - but the signs weren't home made jobs slapped together quickly for a spontaneous protest. Nope, they were done properly by the usual suspects: UAF and Socialist Worker*. Cretins.
Traffic outside Television Centre in White City, west London, ground to a halt as hundreds of campaigners demonstrated against Mr Griffin's presence on the Question Time panel.
Speaking after entering the building, Mr Griffin said of the protesters: "I was rather expecting that."
Fucking hoping for it, more like. Oh, it didn't entirely play into there hands, sure. I'm sure Griffin and the BNP were hoping for more and the best case scenario for them might have been Griffin making a delayed entrance because of being unable to get past the protest safely and eventually joining the panel after the show had started. But unless he makes himself look comically retarded on TV - and I'm still waiting for it to hit YouTube and hoping that he comes across as being the Old Labour style leftist with added xenophobia that he is - the news will show protestors trying to silence and intimidate the BNP. That's probably not a bad result for Griffin.

Why are these Unhinged About Fuckwittery clowns unable to see the damage they're doing to their own cause? Why do people have to keep pointing out that behaving like fascist bullies to those you perceive to be fascists makes them look like the victims, and why the hell isn't it sinking in? Why can't they see that they've become what they say they hate? And rather than try to deny a legitimate, albeit loathsome, party and its leader their right to voice their opinions why not let them speak and expose themselves for what they are, maybe stirring in a little ridicule?

I know the Downfall parodies have been a bit overdone what with Hitler ranting about fucking videogames and so on, but this one was appropriate and closer to what made the originals good.

UPDATE: From the Beeb:
Welsh Secretary Peter Hain, who had tried to stop the broadcast, said: "The BBC should be ashamed of single-handedly doing a racist, fascist party the biggest favour in its grubby history."
Some people have been saying that since the 1990s, only not about the BNP. If Purgatory exists I'd to think yours and Nick Griffin's is to be chained together for eternity, you boff-haired, censor happy, orange cunt.

* Those buggers love protesting and are practically guaranteed to put in an appearance. If you can't get Socialist Worker to pitch up for your protest then you're either not doing it properly or you're the Countryside Alliance wanting the hunting ban repealed.

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JuliaM said...

"Why are these Unhinged About Fuckwittery clowns unable to see the damage they're doing to their own cause? "

Because they care not a jot for 'the cause'. They want a riot. That's all.

The UAF is made up of people who want to scream abuse, throw things, and give one lone man a kicking with about 500 of their mates along in case it turns nasty.

They're football hooligans who don't actually like football.

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