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Thursday, 15 October 2009

Another date for your diary.

According to Pen Hadow there'll be no ice in the Arctic in a decade.
"To all intents and purposes the Arctic will be ice free in a decade. I do find the implications of this happening in my lifetime quite shocking."
Okay, so according to Pen Hadow, and giving him a few months leeway, the whole place will be fucked by the New Year 2020. Goodoh, not because I want it fucked but because I like greenies to make nice hard predictions that we can hold them to later on. So let's see where Hadow's prediction fits in with others like it:

So there you have it - according to the consensus, which my dictionary says means a general agreement, the science ('settled' remember') predicts disaster in 4 years/20 years/7 years/kinda now-ish/10 years. And I have friends, relations and colleagues still asking why I don't take it seriously. How the fuck am I supposed to take it seriously? Not only has the so-called consensus on this settled science failed to predict the period of cooling over the last decade or so, or adequately explain why it happened or agree on how long it will last, but some of the consensus can't agree.....

Sorry but my oxymoron alarm has just gone off loudly enough to make
me temporarily deaf, the cats hide upstairs and the dog shit itself.

..... some of the consensus can't agree on what disaster is to befall us and when. Settled science my arse - even if you take it seriously you only have to keep notes on what's being said to see that in reality they don't know. It's also worth mentioning that the weight I give to Pen Hadow's prediction in particular is reduced by the fact that he couldn't get to the North pole earlier this year because of all the fucking ice.

More hard predictions will be added as and when I come across 'em and greenies are crazy enough to make 'em.

* It's occurred to me for the first time that it may be a typo and these guys actually think that the world will be saved by 100 moths. Presumably they're giant supermoths who will flutter around the sun and block some of the energy reaching our poor scorched planet. Or something. I'm not sure it's much crazier to be honest.

UPDATE: Watts Up With That has ten reasons not to trust the data produced by the Caitlin Ice Survey led by Pen Hadow.
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