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Monday, 19 October 2009

Global warming - another date for your diary.

Hooray, another hard prediction. 2014. That one's according to the WWF today. No, not the wrestling people, the other WWF. So to update what I listed here we now have:

  • "Imminently" - loss of world's coral reefs - David Attenborough ('world’s tropical reefs face ‘imminent destruction’ unless CO2 levels are slashed')
  • Late 2013 - ice free Arctic - Al Gore (North Pole will be ice free in five years')
  • 2014 - the whole world and everything fucked up beyond repair - WWF.
  • Dec 2016 - the whole world and everything all fucked up beyond repair - the Prince of Wails and the 100 months mob
  • Late 2019 - ice free Arctic - Pen Hadow (see above)
  • Late 2029 - loss of Great Barrier Reef - marine scientist Charlie Veron ('global warming will destroy the World Heritage site within just 20 years')

  • I think five years is some sort of magic number for greenie doom prophecies because it's undeniably popular. The trouble is we'll soon reach a time when they say five years before the sky weeps blood or whatever and we'll be saying 'yeah, but you said that five years ago.' Would that be what we could call a credibility tipping point?


    Bill Sticker said...

    According to the wisdom of the ancient Mayan calendar, they're all out of luck. December 21st, 2012 is the official date for the final reckoning. Around lunchtime so I'm told (If wet, indoors). End of days, sky rains blood, a tortured earth cracks open and swallows all the cities of the planet. Sinners to hell, virtuous to heaven. All doomed anyway, so I don't see why the hell anyone bothers doing anything any more. All doomed. Tough monkeys. Byeeeee

    Angry Exile said...

    Mm, so I heard. But I suspect it's actually according to the wisdom of Roland Emmerich because actual Mayans say it's bollocks. Incidentally, LOL'd at 'if wet, indoors'.

    Bill Sticker said...

    What about a 'predictions' sweepstake? 'Ice free Arctic', 100 months, all that jazz?

    Winner takes all.

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