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Saturday, 31 October 2009

UnScience at the Science Museum.

The warble gloaming poll at the Science Museum has attracted some attention on teh interwebs recently. First was the fact that of those who cast a vote on it those crying bullshit far outnumbered those crying 'Hallelujah, we believe we will be saved because we can throw away our incandescent bulbs and read by the light that shines from Al Gore's arse.' Then some found that they weren't getting the click to confirm email needed to make the vote actually count. Then the ayes and nays began to approach parity. Finally the counters were reset and by the looks of it, since I finally managed to vote and get the damn email, the poll was fixed. No, not that kind of fixed, I just mean they've made it work properly. We're now back to square one and the number are 847 arselight readers and 5,769 evil heretics... hang on, let me just deal with this email... click link... right, make that 5,770 evil heretics. All moot of course, since Gordon has saved the world now, or at least worked out how much it's going to cost or something. Yeah, right, no more boom and bust.

But something else I noticed on the poll page kind of echoes the attitude of some of the warmists (my emphasis).
Convinced? Want to spread the word? Invite your friends and family to be part of PROVE IT! Follow the three steps. Pick a point. Choose the evidence to back it up. Then send it on.
Funny, I thought a scientific approach was to consider all the fucking evidence, not just choose what suits. Which incidentally is how I went from believer to sceptic - there were just too many holes in the warmist case and what seemed like a lot of misdirection going on to try to hide them.

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JuliaM said...

"Funny, I thought a scientific approach was to consider all the fucking evidence, not just choose what suits."

Yeah, we all thought a government adviser was there to, well, advise...

Look how that turned out!

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