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Saturday, 17 October 2009

What would Jesus do? Not this, I'd hope.

I don't know about anyone else but as soon as someone starts burning books I feel the need either run a very long way or to call for the assistance of some nice people with several rolls of rubber wallpaper, a supply of jackets that do up at the back and a fuckload of lithium carbonate. When it's a fundamentalist Christian burning Bibles I feel like doing both.
Marc Grizzard, of Amazing Grace Baptist Church in Canton, North Carolina, says that the first King James translation of the Bible is the only true declaration of God’s word, and that all others are “satanic”.
Pastor Grizzard and 14 other members of the church plan to burn copies of the other “perversions” of Scripture on Halloween, 31 October.
The New Revised Version Bible, the American Standard Version Bible, and even the New King James Version are all pronounced to be works of the Devil by Pastor Grizzard and his followers.
Pastor Grizzard said: “I believe the King James version is God’s preserved, inspired, inerrant, infallible word of God… for English-speaking people.
“We are burning books that we believe to be Satanic.”
As well as inappropriate translations from the original Hebrew and Aramaic, the pastor and his associates will be burning books by various Christian authors, as well as music of every genre.
“[We will be burning] books by a lot of different authors who we consider heretics, such as Billy Graham, Rick Warren… the list goes on and on,” Pastor Grizzard told reporters.
Mother Teresa is also on the list of Satanic authors. The full list is available at the Amazing Grace Baptist Church's website.
Mad as a bag of monkeys. Fucking keep an eye on people like this - I worry that when they run out of books to burn they'll start on people.
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