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Saturday, 24 October 2009

Didgeridoo lessons in Britain.

Nick Griffin walked right into this.

The British National Party last night outlined plans for free didgeridoo lessons for Britain's aboriginal population.

Party leader Nick Griffin told a Question Time audience that anyone who had lived in Britain for at least 17,000 years would be given vouchers for a 10 week course on how to master the six foot long wooden trumpet.

He said: "To all those who have lived here for less than 17,000 years I would suggest that you go back to your own country and learn to play the Alphorn, the bagpipes or whatever second rate wind instrument is currently flavour of the month with your inferior, coffee-coloured society."


Roy Hobbs, an aborigine from Peterborough, added: "I don't necessarily agree with everything Mr Griffin says, but learning how to play Jerusalem on the didgeridoo is a white man's birthright."
As I commented on a bit of wall at the Ambush Predator's cave, bit hard for Griffin to talk about true indigenous Britons without going a fucking long way back in time to get past all the incursions and invasions that have gone on down the centuries. The fact he used the term aboriginal must have looked like an open goal to The Mash, and ridiculing the xenophobic twat for it does him far more damage than 300 anti fascists behaving just like fascists and the likes Peter bloody Hain attempting outright censorship.

H/T Al Jahom.
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