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Sunday, 11 October 2009

Oh noes! The carbon monster, the carbon monster.

Hot (see what I did there?) on the heels of the decision that global warming is, despite all that pontificating that the science is in and the consensus is settled, actually as scientific as thinking you have a 13.5 billion year old invisible friend, it now turns out that it's also a fairy story.

I have to say it comes as something of a relief that we're being told to stop taking it seriously because I haven't been since the mid 90s. Now does that mean we can find that smug dreadlocked git from Kingsnorth and twat him?

H/T Watts Up With That, who also note that that bastion of warmist faith Nature has described the ad as the 'Worst. Climate. Campaign. Ever.' Also on Watts Up With That the Australian Defence Force are unconvinced.
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