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Thursday, 29 October 2009

Stern warnings.

Once again it's funny and uncomfortably close to the truth at the same time. And the picture is just gold.
MEAT-eaters are, at long last, to be treated like smokers, it has been confirmed.

Lord Stern, author of the UK government climate change report How Come You're Not Dead Yet?, said meat-eating must join alcohol and tobacco on the anti-social behaviour register and called for a massive increase in funding to make you feel like an utter shit, even in your dreams.

In advance of the Copenhagen summit on climate change he claimed that too many people had failed to grasp the implications of global warming and insisted that anyone who had cottage pie last night should be fired from their job, locked in a trunk and chemically sterilised to prevent them from corrupting as yet unborn vegetarians.


In one film a parent is seen lifting a ham sandwich to his mouth. As it nears his lips his child starts crying hysterically. When the parent moves the sandwich away from his mouth the child stops crying immediately.

The parent then moves the sandwich back and forth as the child cries and then stops crying in perfect synchronisation. The parent then looks into the camera, smiles knowingly and throws the sandwich in the bin.

And in another advert a child is shown being slowly roasted on a spit alongside the caption 'Oi! meat-eaters! Why don't you just eat your fucking kid?'.

Tom Logan, a pork enjoyer from Hatfield, said: "I am amazed it has taken this long."
Me too.


BTS said...

Save yourself while you can - vegeburgers are shit..

Angry Exile said...

If push comes to shove kangaroo is delicious and we've got a lot of rabbit to get through.

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