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Sunday, 25 October 2009

You can say what you like only if we like what you say.

That is the message of Hater Pain Peter Hain after the fat glass eyed fuckwit - no, not his boss, the other one - finally got on telly despite his disgraceful attempts to prevent it. It's not helped by a poll saying that a fifth of people would think about voting for the BBC.
The Welsh secretary said: "The BBC has handed the BNP the gift of the century on a plate and now we see the consequences. I'm very angry."
And I'm sure the BBC are terror stricken at the righteous anger of a fucking satsuma.
The opinion poll carried out after Mr Griffin's appearance found 22% of voters would consider voting BNP in a future local, general or European election.
Two-thirds of the 1,314 people polled by YouGov for the Daily Telegraph dismissed voting for the party under any circumstances, with the rest unsure.
When asked how they would vote in an election tomorrow, the proportion supporting the BNP stood at 3%, up from 2% a month ago.
In other words, and to spell it out for that tedious cunt Hain, no practical difference. I'm no statistician but I'd have thought that a 1% rise might not be significant when pot luck says a random survey might catch a dozen or so more racist fucknuts than it did the same time last month. And anyway, what the fuck are you even worried about when a clear majority of two thirds said absolutely no fucking way? Are you just doing it to display your PC credentials and righteous anger? I wouldn't fucking put it past you but I admit that you might not have read on past the 22% might - that's might by the way, not fucking would - vote BNP headline. Or did you and you're also working your cock in a knot about this:
However, more than half of those polled said they agreed or thought the party had a point in speaking up for the interests of indigenous, white British people.
But if the 22% who'd think about a BNP vote is at all accurate then the majority of those who think the BNP have a point still wouldn't fucking vote for them.

And Hain? Blaming the Beeb? come on, it's an obvious mistake to assume that Fatty Fuckknuckle being on Question Time has anything to do with the poll results. Did you never come across post hoc ergo propter hoc? There's nothing to suggest that at al because the question was never even asked.
The poll did not ask whether their views were affected as a result of Mr Griffin's appearance on Question Time.
See? I'm just as able to point the finger of blame you and the Union Against Freespeech mongtards for harassing and bullying and attempting to silence the BNP to the point where they're starting to look more like victims and less like xenophobic cunts, and personally I think my idea is more plausible because you lot have been banging on about them with increasing hysteria and, in case you weren't aware, they got nearly a million fucking votes in the European elections not long ago.

Incidentally, that may sound like a lot but it worked out as 6.2% of the votes cast, and with only a 34% turnout that makes a back of the envelope estimate of a little over 2% of eligible voters actually casting a vote for the BNP. 2% again, just like the last poll said. Yes, this one said 3% but don't forget how many people are actually polled on these things. It seems usually to be between 1000 and 1500, so assuming the latter you need only 30 people to say yes for 2% and only 15 more next time to get up to 3%. That's a low enough number to happen by chance, so worry about it only if it stays at 3%. Though obviously don't worry much because if they get stuck at 3% you won't need to. Worry instead whether a majority of 12,700 is enough to see off a challenge from the Welsh nationalists who might think to say to the people of Neath that far from speaking for them you're more interested in silencing someone who at least claims to be thinking of them first.

UPDATE: This is an interesting read: BBC lynch mob proved BNP leader Nick Griffin’s best recruiters. Still not sure about how much effect the QT appearance had on the survey results but the point is again that bullying the BNP works for them, not against them.
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