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Monday, 19 October 2009

More F1 news.

Jenson Button to have multiple engine, gearbox and electronics failures in 2010 that scupper any hope of retaining the title he's just won. But never mind, Gordon Brown's congratulations this year will make him happy.
"I want to send my warmest congratulations to Jenson Button for clinching the Formula One drivers' championship today in Brazil, on the same circuit that Lewis Hamilton won the drivers' championship last year.
"We can be proud that Jenson is the 10th British driver to win the title. His performances over the season with the new Brawn team have excited Formula One fans in Britain and across the world, and we look forward to his continuing success in the seasons ahead."
Sorry Jenson, but when Gordon Brown tries to bask in the reflected light of someone else's success that's the kiss of death. They get fucked and he looks stupid. Shame, but that's how life is sometimes.
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