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Friday, 5 June 2009

"Where is my minority report?"

The Department of PreCrime UK coming soon er, actually it's more or less here already.
Officers are targeting children as young as 10 with the aim of placing their DNA profiles on the national database to improve their chances of solving crimes, it is claimed.
The alleged practice is also described as part of a "long-term crime prevention strategy" to dissuade youths from committing offences in the future.
In English this translates as "we assume that you will commit an unspecified crime at an unspecified date in the future, so in order to solve it more easily then we'll have your DNA right fucking now, sunny Jim."
The claim comes amid widespread criticism of government proposals to store DNA profiles of innocent people, including some children, on the database for up to 12 years.
Civil liberty campaigners have condemned the tactic of as "diabolical" and said it showed contempt for children's freedom.
Yes, and let's not forget that among the few favours that have be done the British people by the European Court is that the government was told to pack in the DNA harvesting, and that the government has simply ignored the ruling - thus showing unusual contempt for a court that UK governments generally kowtow to. Funny thing, isn't it? When the European Court rules on something that fucks up the British people or overrules their desires or opinions the government throws up it's hands and says nothing can be done (because, of course, the worthless cunts have been ceding power to Europe for fucking decades and lack the bollocks to take it back), but on the rare occasions that European Court rulings work against the IngSoc NuLab agenda they suddenly fucking grow a set.
A Metropolitan Police officer made the claims after figures were released showing that 386 under-18s had their DNA taken and stored by police last year in Camden, north London.
The officer said: "Have we got targets for young people who have not been arrested yet? The answer is yes. But we are not just waiting outside schools to pick them up, we are acting on intelligence."
Like you all were when Jean Charles de Menezes was blown away? Hey, don't shoot me, I'm just asking.
"It is part of a long-term crime prevention strategy. If you know you have had your DNA taken and it is on a database then you will think twice about committing burglary for a living.
"We are often told that we have just one chance to get that DNA sample and if we miss it then that might mean a rape or a murder goes unsolved in the future."
Fuck, if you're going to think along those lines why not just declare the whole country a prison now. Anyone with a penis - potential rapist. Anyone with a vagina - potential prostitute. Anyone with two working arms that can stand upright - potential murderer. Anyone good at maths, which probably eliminates 75% of people under 30 or so - potential fraudster. Anyone who buys a pack of fags - potential drug addict and dealer. The Department of PreCrime is working hard on the red ball / brown ball thing to ensure your future safety, but until it's working properly you're all considered potentially guilty of something. What's next, the worthy and innocent-at-least-so-far needing visas to leave the fucking country?
Shami Chakrabarti, director of the human rights group Liberty, said: "This is diabolical and proof positive that Liberty's fears are being realised."
Yeah, with you there Shami. Incidentally, have you wrapped your head round the concept of free speech yet? It's just that some people will inevitably be arrested for DNA harvesting on the grounds of speaking their minds. Given how quiet you were about the Wilders ban I just wondered. Liberty's website still doesn't seem to mention him. Anyhow, go on.
"The current law has created an incentive for the abuse of police power so that youngsters are being targeted purely for the purpose of stockpiling their DNA for the future.
"We hope that dealing with this outrage will be high on the list of priorities for any new Home Secretary.
"Politicians can no longer demand due process for themselves whilst showing such contempt for the freedoms of others."
Sadly I think Ms Chakrabarti is in for a disappointment. IngSoc NuLab love this sort of thing and almost certainly won't give it up if by some outrageous fucking miracle/disaster (take your pick) they win the next election, but senior Tories show virtually zero interest* in reversing the most Orwellian abuses of this disgraceful government if they, as seems almost certain, form the next government. I expect they think it'll all be worth it as long as the Met get a sexy new user interface for the computer system like Tom Cruise had.

Cunts of the highest order, the whole fucking lot of them. Thank fuck I left the UK.

* Well, David Davis did make a thing of civil liberties of course, but I'm far from convinced that his heart was really in it.

H/T to the beloved Mrs Exile, whose comment on the story was simply "fucking brown ball".

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JuliaM said...

"Well, David Davis did make a thing of civil liberties of course, but I'm far from convinced that his heart was really in it."


Hmm, I'm positive that names rings a bell. But from where, who knows. He seems to have become the Invisible Man, when we all thought he was Spartacus.

Such a disappointment...

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