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Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Want a referendum?

Well, fuck off. That's the message of the Conservatives in general and Ken Clarke in particular. Jesus, he's got a face I'd never get tired of pissing on in the same way he and bastards like him never seem to get tired of pissing on the opinions of the majority. Hardly surprising given the bastards pro-EU form, and frankly I think it's at least partly the fault of the people of the UK for blowing the opportunity to send the Tories an unmistakably clear message. By voting UKIP in large numbers in the Euro election and brutalizing the Conservatives and LibDumbs as badly as Labour got battered Davey might, just might, have heard enough to convince him to offer a referendum without being conditional on whether Eire has had theirs (again) and what the result is. Instead the bastards feel secure enough to shit in a bag and light it under your noses.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, they're a pack of bastards of whom the best thing that can be said its that they're very marginally less awful than the pack of bastards running things at the moment, but choosing between the fuckers is really like trying to decide which leg you'd like to have broken by violent gangsters.
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