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Friday, 5 June 2009


This is pure gold, it really is.
GERMANS are using footage of Gordon Brown to create hilarious spoofs of Hitler's last days in his Berlin bunker, it emerged last night.

The four minute clips show the beleaguered prime minister defending his record in the House of Commons, while the German captions portray him as the Nazi dictator railing against his generals.

Dortmund-based sales manager, Gunter Schroll, who has had more than two million views of his spoof video, said: "When he starts shouting and pointing I have him saying, 'this is treason! Treason, I tell you!'.
Quality. As is their take on the Purnell resignation.
LABOUR was today told to just get on with it so we can all have a peaceful weekend without having to watch Nick Robinson jumping up and down like a child that's bursting for a piss.

As someone called James Purnell resigned, millions of people across the country urged Labour to hack off Gordon Brown's fingers with a meat cleaver, warning they were now getting dangerously close to feeling sorry for him.


Meanwhile Britain's bookmakers have revealed multi-million pound losses after betting against someone in the cabinet having a pair of nuts.
Quite beautiful.
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