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Friday, 12 June 2009

Gun control laws.

Working as well as ever in Washington DC.


Shibby said...

Americans justify their gun laws by claiming it protects the people from their government - it quite clearly doesn't.

It just raises the suicide rates, places very dangerous weapons in the hands of any idiot who walks in, and helps make some neighbourhoods very unpleasant and unsafe to live in.

In Britain I don't like the situation much either: the State has a monopoly on force and is all too willing to use it on the people.

But the only way to win would be to change human nature. Which would kind of be a dick move even if it was possible.

JuliaM said...

"But the only way to win would be to change human nature. "

'We're working on it! Just give us more time' - The Progressives

Shibby said...


Angry Exile said...

Not so Shibby. The suicide rate by firearm in the US is high because a gun is an easy way of walking through the big door marked exit and they're readily available there. However, the suicide rate overall is lower than in Japan where guns in private hands are as rare as rocking horse shit. And as for placing dangerous weapons in the hands of idiots, well, we do that every day anyway. As I point out in my long post on gun control if I went nuts and wanted to cause some real carnage I'd leave the guns locked up. There are much better alternatives in the wholesale death dealing area than guns, and which are legal to buy and own everywhere I can think of. The telling point about nutters with guns, the thing that really gives them away as nutters, is that they chose something as inefficient as a gun when they could have made a bomb instead.

Angry Exile said...

I should add that the famously strict gun laws in Washington DC not only didn't stop the headcase bringing one anyway but have been utterly hopeless at stopping the city from becoming one of the most violent and dangerous on the continent, just as UK and Australian gun laws haven't put criminals off having guns. It's also worth noting that the reason the racist fucknuckle didn't cause more than the unfortunate death of Mr Johns is that someone shot the cunt before he could harm anyone else.

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