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Friday, 19 June 2009

My flabber is ghasted.

Seen among the bones outside the Ambush Predator's cave, no being buried in Kirklees unless you have a sufficiently environmentally sound attitude towards your dirt nap.
Grieving relatives have been left distraught after a council banned them from dressing loved ones in their favourite outfits in a crackdown on pollution.
It means an end to people being cremated wearing their football shirts, or parents placing soft toys in children's coffins.
Kirklees Council in West Yorkshire is the only authority in the country to adopt the approach, according to a national cremation body.
On top of the normal funeral arrangements, mourning families in Huddersfield are being forced to spend £60 on natural-fibre shrouds or seek permission from council officials to help honour their loved ones' last wishes.
The eco-nazis strike again, and cannily find a way to make the bereaved put their hands in their pockets for this natural fibre eco-shroud at the same time - literally sackcloth and ashes from a bunch of pretentious local government pricks, may they choke on their pious self righteousness.


Sue said...

Give me an email addy and I'll scan my copy of the telegraph for you!

I have a mega scanner in my office!

Angry Exile said...

Cheers Sue. Addy left in comments at yours.

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