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Wednesday, 17 June 2009

The end of the world.

Can't remember who it was but I once heard one of those Evangelical types say that when people stop believing in God they don't start believing in nothing, they start believing in anything. Now I'm someone who genuinely believes in nothing. Show me something that's there and I'll say yes, it's there. But don't ask me to accept it on faith because I have none, not one drop. I can accept what's in front of me but I can't believe in things. I'm not a nihilist - it could be said that I believe in certain values like honesty and liberty, but I won't believe in gods, grey aliens or global bloody warming as long as people keep asking me to take it on faith. So I was kind of dismissive of whoever it was that said when people stop believing in God they believe in anything rather than nothing. Hmm, well, I've been coming round to his point of view over the last few years because of people I know, intelligent and educated people, telling me that they believe in global warming without being able to explain precisely what and why they believe. But they, and indeed the various god squads, are absolutely convincing by comparison with people who think the fucking world's about to end because they saw it in a fucking crop circle. You know, they might even be right, but I very much doubt it's in the way they think. The endarkenment is coming and it's truly fucking depressing.
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