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Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Beyond farcical.

Aside from all the other reasons to criticize Gordon Clown for making an unprecedented number of peers into ministers because he can't find enough MPs who haven't already resigned, been fired, turned out to be hopeless or just told him to fuck off, a brand new reason has become apparent in the case of Glenys Kinnock.
Under EU Parliament rules, Mrs Kinnock is not allowed to serve as a minister in a national Government until she steps down as an MEP on July 14.

Days after accepting Gordon Brown's surprise invitation to join his Government, Mrs Kinnock was forced to admit she was a mere 'acting minister'.
Appointed by a fucking human shambles acting out his personal wank fantasy of being PM, and serving in an acting government. Kind of fits on one level, really. On any other level it just shows yet more evidence of the party cronyism and appalling incompetence that have been Labour hallmarks these past few years. Appointing someone who's not simply incapable, which she may or may not be and if not would be nothing new anyway, but not actually allowed because she's still in her old job is a new low in fuckwittery. And how come we're in this situation?
There was speculation in Westminster last night that Mrs Kinnock was reluctant to quit her job as an MEP as she would have to forgo some of her gold-plated pension and golden-goodbye.
Okay, yes, it's only speculation. But it's also pretty plausible as speculation goes. There could well be more valid reasons but who gives a fuck really? The point is that the monocular twat has simply fucked something else up.
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