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Friday, 26 June 2009

Drug taking is taking off...

... among wallabies. Yes, seriously. Tasmania grows a lot of poppies for the legal production of morphine, and wallabies are coming into the fields, getting off their loveable little furry dials and falling over. The interesting bit is that according to another report
They seem to know when they've had enough. They'll still be around and they would leave them alone.
Nobody is panicking that the wallabies are going to become junkies and there's this evidence that they get regulate their use, if we can call it that. I remember Skippy and I don't accept that they're that bright, so if a dumb animal will get stoned and is then prepared to lay off for a while why is there a presumption that humans can't? There's overwhelming evidence that some people can't and fall into a cycle of abuse, yet at the same time I've personally known people who tried almost everything (and last I heard still liked to get high now and again) but never formed an actual habit. Meantime I'd like to show you what a wasted wallaby looks like but there aren't any pictures. Google it and turn the monitor on it's side, you'll probably not be too far off. Oh, and The Spoof have this.
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