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Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Anti fascist fascism.

Phyllip Cadwallader was told to leave Blackburn cathedral by its Dean and met outside by police. His crime was to look like he might be the sort of person who'd be in the BNP. That bears repeating: he looked like he might the sort who'd be in the BNP. Fucking hell!
He was dressed in a shirt, trousers and pair of brogues, but aroused attention because of he has a shaven head, tattoos and was carrying a bag.
BBC Radio 4 was about to start its Sunday worship programme marking the 80th anniversary of the birth of Anne Frank who died in a Nazi concentration camp at the age of 15.
Mr Cadwallader, a former autism support worker, was initially told to sit at the back of Blackburn Cathedral, before being told to leave by the Dean.
After he left, he was approached by police who had been called over suspicions that he was a sympathiser of the far-right BNP.
Far LEFT you witless cunts. They're fucking socialists!
An officer searched his rucksack, which contained his running gear, before he was allowed to go and take part in his race.
What? WHAT? Searched? Let's get this straight. Like lots of people this guy has tattoos, which is not a crime. Like a lot of men who are going bald he shaves his head, and this is not a crime. And because somebody added 2 and 2 and got 22 they thought he might - MIGHT - be in the BNP, which although he wasn't wouldn't have been a fucking crime either. So on what fucking grounds did the police search him?
Mr Cadwallader said: "The choir was singing in the background and it was lovely as I lit my candle. Then the Dean came and asked me to leave but wouldn't tell me why."
How very Christian of the bastard.
"As I sat outside on a bench waiting for them to finish the radio programme a police officer came up to me and said she needed to check my bag. When they told me why I just couldn't believe it.
"I am not a BNP member and was quite disgusted by it all. I should not have been judged on my appearance and was not there to cause trouble."
More to the point, even he was a BNP member it would have been unreasonable. I despise the cunts but if we are to supposed to believe Britain is a free country then allowing the police to become that which we hate is fucking not on. The answer, of course, is obvious: it's NOT a free country, it's a fucking police state.

Fucking bastards.

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This country is just getting more and more insane by the minute...

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