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Thursday, 25 June 2009

Canterbury is gay enough.

About six weeks or so ago I blogged about a number of annoying pricks wanting the world to work for them in the way they want, including a gay pressure group in Canterbury who thought the town wasn't sufficiently gay friendly.
Also needing a lesson in personal responsibilities and liberties is a gay rights pressure group called Pride in Canterbury, who complain that the town isn't gay enough. This is apparently because it doesn't have a homosexuals' community centre, dared to show a play in which a homosexual character was depicted in a stereotypical way, and lacks a gay bar. Oh for fuck's sake. Look, this doesn't take the fucking wisdom of Solomon to sort out. Buy some land there and build a community centre for homosexuals if it's important to you, though if you ask me any "community" centre that is for one section of the community just makes that group look insular and selfish. My 2c, that's all. And if the play bothers you the obvious thing is to boycott the bloody thing. It won't close the play but just like the off switch on your TV it's easy to avoid being offended if you want to. In fact you'd have to be actively seeking to be offended to buy a ticket for a play that you know in advance has got something in it that you don't like, but of course professional offence takers do that sort of thing all the time. Look, it's not all about you, okay? There's nothing written down anywhere that says gays or anyone else have the right to not be offended. I get offended by stuff all the fucking time, including people who try to impose their views, values or demands on other people by running off to courts and ombudsmen, but I'm not crying into my beer about it. I have no right to for one thing, and I can harmlessly blog about how much it annoys me instead. As for the gay bar or lack thereof, again why don't they fucking open one themselves if they think it's such a good idea? If there's a market for one there could be some money in it, so what's stopping them? I think the thing here is that they're not demanding the right to open a gay bar since clearly that's a right they already have, and quite right too, but the right to have someone do it for them. That's where I fall firmly on the fuck off side of the fence.
Well, hoofuckingray, it turns out Canterbury is gay enough after all.
Rob Davies, spokesman for the council, said: "Obviously we're delighted with the outcome of the investigation.
"We feel we do a great deal for the gay community in Canterbury and we have always tried to support various gay events and promotions."
"But at the same time it is not the duty of any council to set up a gay bar – that's not what councils do."
Exactly, and although I'm sure there's plenty that the council are doing that isn't really the duty of any council I'm glad someone's spelt it out for the benefit of Pride in Canterbury. Not that the fucknuts are getting the message:
" We do not believe the council want a thriving LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) community in our city. The impression I get is that the council just doesn't want to know."
Oh, grow a fucking head. Have they said that you may not have a gay bar? No. All they've said is that it's not their role to start one. As I said before, if you're that sure the market's there for it then get the money together and fucking start a gay bar up yourselves instead of whining that it's not being done for you with taxpayers' money. Or fuck off to where there are already gay bars. I don't care which and neither should anyone in Canterbury, providing you're not asking for other people's money to fund it.
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