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Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Ministers resigning.

Between MPs begging for peerages and now Ministers queuing up at the exit can there be anyone left who thinks Gordon Clown is politically a dead man walking*? Oh, and Patricia Hewitt, the Nanny State made flash? Please don't send her back here.

UPDATE: bye bye to the ginger midget as well. The Cabinet's disintegrating fast - how can Gordon hope to hold it together? I suppose he can always promote a bunch of useless no-hoper sycophants into Cabinet positions and hang on until he has to call an election next year. Come to think of it, a Cabinet full of useless no-hopers wouldn't really stand out as unusual anyway.

UPDATE 2: One more resignation could finish him off? Maybe, but has the Son of the Manse so far lost the plot that he'll still refuse to go?

*Anyone sane that is. There's always the occasional Pilkington taste tester who worships the light beaming from the Broon's broonest orifice. Fucking hell! I can only hope that's Sarah because I doubt Kim Jong Il would want supporters to be quite that keen.
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