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Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Two opposing fascists.

Fucking hell!
"What is your atttiude towards free speech?"

"Well, we don't believe in free speech for fascists."
You fucking retard. If you only believe in free speech for people who say things that you agree with then you don't in any real sense actually have free speech. Free speech is, well, free. If you start imposing conditions such as free as long as it's nice and fluffy and agreeable then it stops being free speech and becomes what would more accurately be described as conditional speech. That seems to be what you advocate and that, in my modest and inexpert opinion, makes you as bad as the fat cunt you egged. Look, banning contrary opinions and views is the sort of thing the fucking nazis used to do, and while I understand the temptation to deny racists a platform when you do so you lower yourself to their level. Aside from that it made big headlines and will allow him to play the victim card, which not only makes your actions as stupid and objectionable as Griffin's himself but a spectacular own goal to boot. Damage him by debating him and showing where his arguments don't hold up, which admittedly might be a bit of a problem for lefties since the BNP are left wing too - they just add racism to all the things I don't like about socialism. Still, if you gave it a few minutes rational thought instead of nipping down to the shops for half a dozen eggs (which I hope were free range and therefore properly right on) you should be able to see where you could take him to bits on the xenophobic areas of BNP policy. Instead, and fairly typically of the righteous, you acted like a fucking fascist yourself, on top of which the fucker was probably tumescent with delight at the extra attention.


H/T Old Holborn.
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