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Friday, 26 June 2009

Kirklees council again.

The people who brought you What Not To Wear (Deceased Edition) are now making a job offer you can't understand.
The ideal candidate must have "cross-functional experience" and play a "key role in ensuring the effective integration of national, regional and local drivers", the Kirklees Council advert states.
It continues: "The new director of organisation development will face a number of challenges, including making sure: That the diversity of Kirklees is understood by all in the organisation; is valued as a strength but a strength that challenges us to respond to its complex implications; and is reflected in the career structures within the organisation."
It's for £119,000 by the way, and if what they're asking for made sense then you're either worth every penny or as mad as they are.
Cliff Stewart, human resources director at the council, justified the language used in the advert.
He said: "The terms used in the advert will mean a lot to the sort of people who are looking at this."
Really? Then why did you change the wording then? Because The Yorkshire Post has the story too, and they've helpfully provided a link to the advert. It now reads:
"Exceptional professional required to place communities at the heart of our services"

This newly created position brings together responsibilities for organisation development and corporate governance across the council and its delivery partnerships. It is a key leadership role that will help make a complex organisation increasingly confident, energetic and focussed as it delivers the outcomes that the Kirklees communities require.

One of the key challenges of this role is to deliver these outcomes in ways that gain the maximum impact from the resources available over the next five years.

You will play a key role in ensuring the effective integration of national, regional and local drivers. You will lead the development of partnerships and take responsibility for our change, innovation and communication programmes. You will also have responsibility for a broad range of corporate services.

If you are a leader with presence, passion and panache with experience across a range of these responsibilities, and if you are enthusiastic about this opportunity to join a top quality and ambitious leadership team, then let's talk.

Currently the make-up of the Council's management team does not reflect the diversity of the citizens of Kirklees with certain groups under-represented. We would welcome applications from all individuals, but in particular, we would welcome applications which will help us address this under-representation.
So what happened to the all important need for cross functional experience then? What about the challenge of making sure that the diversity of Kirklees is understood by all, and that it's not just valued as a strength but also one that challenges... er, hang on, challenge to make the diversity understood as a strength which comes with challenges or something, wasn't it? Whatever, Kirklees Council, it seems that you responded to the criticism by robustly defending of the wording followed by quietly changing it. Have the courage of your convictions you worthless bastards! And learn to fucking write, because the edited version is still a load of PC bollocks. You still aren't making clear what the fuck a Director Of Organisation Development is or what the person in this newly created position is supposed to do all day. Other than soak up over a hundred grand from council tax revenue of course. Yes, I read the bullshit job description but what exactly are the duties? Who does the DoOD dude (ha!) report to? Who reports to the DoOD? Apart from something vague about drivers (glorified fleet manager?) there's fuck all real information there, just a load of padding. Frankly it looks like the sort of vague bullshit I'd use at school to put in essays on stuff I wasn't remotely interested in.

An alternative option for this recently Conservative controlled (and therefore in my opinion inclined to spunk away tax money on shite) and now Liberal/Labour coalition run (and therefore in my opinion also inclined to spunk away tax money on shite) council would have been to knock a quid or two off everybody's council tax, and since this is a newly created Director position there's an implication that the spendthrift cunts have in fact created a whole new fucking department for it. If so then there's probably much more than a couple of quid to be saved.
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