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Thursday, 11 June 2009

Normal service resumed.

Same old story - same old Labour "saying same old Tories":
Gordon Brown accused the Tories of planning deep public service cuts after Andrew Lansley said most departments would have to slash budgets by 10 per cent.
Mr Lansley, the shadow health secretary, said "very powerful spending constraint" elsewhere would be required to allow a Conservative government to give real-terms increases to the NHS, schools and foreign aid.
It was for shadow chancellor George Osborne to set out where the axe would fall over the three years from 2011, he told the BBC Radio 4 Today programme, admitting it would be "very tough".
The Prime Minister seized on his comments as he battled Tory leader David Cameron at question time in the Commons - seeking to draw a clear General Election battle line over spending.
Calling on Mr Cameron to confirm the 10 per cent figure, he said: "Let us have a debate about the choice that really does exist in the country between a Conservative Party that now wants to cut, even at a time of recession, into our basic public services and a Labour Party that wants to invest in them."
Of course the Tories are going to cut services when they get in. You already know that Gordon, because you've already spunked away so much fucking money the Tories won't have any choice. More than ever it will make no difference whether the Tories or Labour are in power in a year's time because either will face the same problems and be forced into similar solutions. No money, increasingly worried creditors, huge national debt and so on. We should expect not Tory cuts in both "investment"* and taxes nor Labour tax and spend** but simultaneous cuts in services and increases in taxation regardless of what colour rosette the winner of the election wore. Sure, I suppose they could always print more money - it's worked out just fine in Zimbabwe after all. Or they could just borrow some. I mean some more. Oh, okay, I mean even more... assuming the country can still get credit because of it's fucking monster sized debt already.

Now the thing is that Gordon knows this, and Dave knows this, and Gordon knows that Dave knows and Dave knows that Gordon knows that Dave knows it. In fact we all fucking know it. So all that's happening here is that Gordon had a typically socialist Pavlovian response to a Tory suggesting that government departments would have to get by on less. The truth is that because of the mess they've got the country into Gordon and his badger faced sock puppet have begun to cut spending already. I can smell the hypocrisy from 10,000 miles away, and it's fucking revolting.

UPDATE: blogged more expertly at BoM - well worth a read.

* Investment in the political sense of course means the economic equivalent of hosing money onto a bonfire and hoping the sheer weight extinguishes the flames.
** Spending - see investment.
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