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Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Papers please - another thank fuck I left the UK moment.

Surprise surfuckingprise, the briefly (so brief I never got a chance to blog about it) off ID cards are now back on again. Alan Johnson, one time potential Broon challenger and ID card sceptic, now new Home Secretary and penis deluxe, has apparently warmed to the idea after all. From Shibby:
But by the time Johnson's aides got round to briefing The Guardian yesterday, the boss was more in favour of the cards. Or rather he's pressing ahead with the project, but doesn't intend to make carrying the cards compulsory.
Oh Christ, the fucking circle is complete. Not compulsory to carry them? That's what the cunts told us in the first place. Shibby remarks:
The problem is that even if they're "not compulsory", they'll be required for more and more things until people without them are virtually second-class citizens.
Quite. More than one way to skin a cat and more than one way to force an unpopular and pointless authoritarian measure like ID cards on an unwilling populace. Before long some will need it to prove your age at the pub because licensees will be hit with a crippling fine if one of the state's snoopers spots an underage drinker. Others will be asked for it as proof of address when signing up for practically anything from a credit card to Blockbusters. And of course police will ask to se it each and every time they stop someone for anything, and no doubt Home Orifice targets will make them do that a lot.

Again I find myself thinking thank fuck I left the UK, though we have a similar culture here with the driving licence being defacto ID. However, there are alternatives and perhaps more to the point we're not being forced to have ID cards on top of the driving licences we have already, not are we being fed some bullshit excuse for it.
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