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Thursday, 18 June 2009

What cats want.

Well, as I recently found out there's a very good chance they want us dead. This has been lurking on my blog for a little while now:

Is your cat plotting to kill you?

However, there was a little ray of light shone into my feline doom laden world yesterday when I read that scientists say dogs are more intelligent than cats after all. More than a ray of light in fact - really good news. The neighbours' dog is reasonably good at sit, stay, heel, fetch and so on but much beyond that would tax him. On occasion he is actually outwitted by the sticks that are thrown for him, and if he's supposed to be brighter than either of the moggies we would, I thought, be safe after all.

That comforting illusion was shattered less than half an hour ago when I found one of the cats watching a cookery program on the TV. I don't think she saw me but this is devastating news. Not only are cats bright enough to feign stupidity in order to fool scientists waving string at them, but they're intelligent enough to plan ahead and start learning to cook for when we've been disposed of.

Oh fuck, we're doomed!
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