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Saturday, 6 June 2009

The Brooninator.

The last few days have been like watching the end of a Terminator movie for me. Checking the news from the UK each morning, probably around the time the ten o'clock news is on there, it seems that the Brooninator has always been further damaged by some new attack but continues its remorseless stagger forward. Except it doesn't look even slightly threatening anymore. Certainly it would if it could but too many bits have been shot, stabbed, burned, hacked or blown off, and to go with the change from advancing with an air of menace to the slightly Chaplinesque, random, half-blind, stumbling and lurching joke that it's become a change in background music seems appropriate.

There. That seems better. Now will someone kindly put the poor thing out of its and our misery?

Hand grenade to the head I think.

UPDATE: Well, I never thought I'd be the only one to reference the Terminator.

Dr Seuss was never my thing, but I enjoyed that too.

H/T LPUK blog for the Hannan speech.
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