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Friday, 26 June 2009


I wasn't going to do ute-gate, I really wasn't. But since it now seems that Malcolm Turnbull was advised not to use the leaked email as a weapon to hit Kevin Rudd with, but went ahead anyway because of his desire to bring down the PM, it bears comment. For those with an even shakier grasp of Australian politics this would be like Cameron in the early days of the British MPs' expenses scandal ripping Gordon Brown a new one, only to find out that The Telegraph had bought fake records and all the Labour MPs' claims were modest and reasonable after all. So my comment is this:

You certainly shut your balls in the drawer there, didn't you, Malcolm? What a complete twat!

Friday night footy means no blogging later. Christ, I think I'm turning slowly into an Australian. Help!

1 comment:

CountingCats said...

I'm an Australian, and I don't watch football.

You make your choices, you bear the consequences.

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