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Monday, 5 October 2009

One curriculum to rule them all.

Douglas Carswell is one of the few British MPs I have a fair bit of respect for, and this sort of thing is why:
Everybody has an opinion about what we need to include in the National Curriculum.
I've just read a letter in the Telegraph saying we have to include geography. ConHome readers want more of our island history. On Radio 4's Farming Today recently someone was saying "our children's" education must include farm visits.
I've nothing against geography, history or farms. In fact, I love all three. It's just this "our children" bit I'm unsure of.
If people feel so strongly about a certain topic, why don't they make sure their own children are taught it? Why is it considered acceptable for people to seek to impose "what's important" on to other people's families?
Er, dunno the answer to that one, Doug. Unless it's because a generation have been brought up by both wings of the ruling centrist party Tory and Laborg governments to think in collectivist terms instead of what's right for them as individuals. Thank fuck that there's at least one MP pointing out how wrong this is.
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