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Saturday, 3 October 2009

Another victory for British justice.

Well, for the police and judicial system at any rate. I think describing this as a victory for justice is stretching things a little.
A disabled pensioner was hauled before the courts and charged with assault after she prodded a teenage 'hoodie' in the chest with her finger.
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No. Surely not. I mean, a poke in the chest with a finger? From a 71 year old woman? That passes for assault these days, does it? Can Britain really be that fucked up?

Apparently, yes it can.
Renate Bowling, 71, confronted the 17-year-old youth in the street after stones were thrown at her home.
During the conversation the frail widow, who fled to Britain from Communist East Germany and walks with a steel frame, prodded the youth in the chest with her finger.
Walks with a frame? Oh for fuck's sake, this is just getting more ridiculous the more I read.
Police officers were called to the quiet residential street and the teenager told them he had been assaulted.
I suppose if he'd told them that she'd bent him over a bush and fucked him good and hard with the curly end of her walking stick they'd have believed him. Okay, I know they have to investigate allegations of an offence but come on. A poke in the chest with a finger, unless it's some Kill Bill kung fu move done by Bruce fucking Lee, isn't much of an assault. I can't help thinking that ten or so years ago the average thug would have been too embarrassed to claim that a 71 year old lady with a walking frame had assaulted him. Instant street cred failure to the soft cock who claimed being poked in the chest by a wrinkled finger and some vintage nail polish was the same as being smacked in the face by a heavy set man who can't speak and walk on his back legs at the same time, but not anymore. Now it seems that the shites get points just for making other people's lives difficult, and they're not above using a supine legal system to get their way.
Yesterday Mrs Bowling admitted a charge of assault when she appeared before magistrates in Blackpool.
Magistrates gave her a conditional discharge for six months and ordered her to pay £50 costs.
Afterwards the great-grandmother said anti-social youths were left to run riot while she was hauled into court.
I'd love to say I'm surprised but it'd be a complete lie. Other people have been charged when defending themselves or their property while the fucknuckles ignore the bastards who initiated the fucking situation in the first place. Frankly it's probably just the age and relative frailty of the - I can't believe I have to type this - criminal and the necessarily pathetic amount of force involved that made it newsworthy.
She said: 'What justice is there? There are a group of youths who throw gravel at my window and use foul language against me.
'I saw one of them throw the stones against my window from my bedroom. I went out and found him hiding behind a wall.
I poked my finger out at him and told him what I thought of him. He called me "some ****ing German woman".
Charming lad. I'd call him a walking advert for the benefits of an early abortion.
'Then the police arrested me - I thought "What a joke. What is going on?"
What is going on, love, is that your local police, like all forces in the UK these days, have targets to meet and limited resources with which to meet them. One of them is the simple measure of crimes cleared up, and that means if they have an almost guaranteed result for something that can only be loosely described as a crime they've got a fucking strong incentive to find a justification to go ahead with it. Nicking you when you'd happily said you poked the cunt in the chest was a safe bet, while trying to prove that one particular oxygen thief out of a group of oxygen thieves threw gravel at your windows looks a far iffier proposition, especially when they'll sit there and denying it and tying up a lot of police time for next to fuck all payback. Poor Mrs Bowling, you were the stereotypical fish in the barrel.

But hang on.
Julie Reilly, prosecuting, told magistrates: 'This defendant says he was playing football in the street when there was an incident between himself and the defendant.'
'This defendant says... there was an incident between himself and the defendant'? Does that mean that the toerag was actually charged, or is that a misprint on the part of The Mainly Fail? Lessee now, where were those links to the Indy and Beeb again? Nothing to that effect on the Beeb and the Indy says that a CPS spokesdrone said:
"There was no evidence that the boy she assaulted had been throwing stones at her house or had been involved in any provocation."
So I'm inclined to believe fuck up since people with no evidence of anything against them aren't generally defendants, though this is the UK we're talking about and I wouldn't put anything past them. But the Indy says something else too.
"Mrs Bowling had emerged from her house and was seen by the officer to be shouting loudly at the 17-year-old boy and using abusive language.
"The officer then saw her assault the boy by prodding him in the chest and grabbing hold of his clothing.
"She was given a number of chances by the officer to stop assaulting and verbally abusing the boy. She didn't stop and was then arrested."
So there was actually a copper on the scene when this pathetic vicious assault took place? A copper with capsicum spray and a baton and fuck knows what else. A copper who presumably had to pass minimum strength and fitness standards to get into the force. Why the cunting fuck didn't he tell the kid to harden the fuck up and then simply stand between the pair of them until it had blown over? Was the copper a spineless softcock or was it because of the prospect of an easy collar and prosecution? Or something else? Fuck, who knows now. All we can say for certain is that a 71 year old disabled woman has got a criminal record having been first bullied by thugs, then bullied by thugs ah that's 'dealt with by police' I mean, and then finally bullied by thugs er, sorry, prosecuted by the CPS. I'd have some extremely unkind words for the jury members as well since I'd hope that 12 good men and women would have the fucking sense to say screw the legal facts and return a not guilty verdict, but it seems there wasn't a jury.
Originally Mrs Bowling had intended to deny the offence but after a long deliberation between the Crown Prosecution Service and her defence, Mrs Bowling admitted the charge of assault.
I'd have fucking loved to have been a fly on the wall in the room where that deliberation went on. If nothing else I'd have shat and puked and wiped my ordure flecked proboscis on the biscuits and given them all a violent case of being able to shit through the eye of a needle. Yes, probably the defence too, for not advising her to appeal to the jury's sense of fair play and hope for nullification, and telling the CPS to go fuck themselves in every hole with a splintered axe handle.

Justice has to be blindfolded, because if she saw what was going on she'd fucking weep.

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JuliaM said...

"Was the copper a spineless softcock or was it because of the prospect of an easy collar and prosecution?"

Don't those two pretty much go hand in hand?

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