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Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Prodnoses and busybodies.

Having blogged about the idiocy of Tesco firstly lumping spoons in with knives to require customer age checks before sale and secondly the fact that they fucking do age checks in the first place, I see the Thylacosmilus has blogged about one of Tesco's competitors getting into similar trouble over cheese. Oh for fuck's sake.
A pregnant woman was forced to lie and promise supermarket staff she would not eat a certain type of cheese before they would sell it to her.

Now, two things here.

One, the serving girl was wrong on the facts - the cheese Mrs Lehain wanted to buy was not the sort that has any health implications for pregnant women.


But more than that, what the hell business is it of the serving girl in the first place whether she eats the cheese or not?!


And what did Sainsbury's have to say? Well, they did 'fess up about the incorrect info (they could hardly do anything else), but there was no mention of action taken against the Cheese Gauleiter.
I agree with every word Julia says there, and 'Cheese Counter Gaulieter' sums up the shop assistant's attitude beautifully. But the question we both ask stands: what the fuck has it go to do with Tesco or Sainsbury or the rest of the industry or their staff what shoppers may do with the items they buy? I bought forty litres of highly flammable liquid today and the guy at the Shell garage - you won't fucking believe this if work for supermarkets and make customers fish around for a driver's licence to buy some Philly and a blunt butter knife to get it out of the fucking tub - the guy at the counter just took my money without asking any questions at all. It was almost like he just assumed I was going to use the stuff to make my car work, which, since that's precisely what almost 100% of people buying fucking petrol use it for, makes a lot of sense. He felt no need to ask if I was planning on draining it back out the tank and setting fire to stuff with it, and unless life in Britain has got even worse than I realised frm over here I'm sure that neither Shell UK nor any other petrol stations make a habit of asking. So why the fuck can't the supermarket gobshites mind their own business? I'm worried that the answer might be, as the Devil says, that the British are being softened up to accept a legal system in which nothing is permitted unless expressly made legal as a replacement for their traditional one in which everything is permitted unless expressly made illegal. Not exactly a cheery thought, especially as the process seems to be pretty well along now that the people are becoming more infantilised as time passes, private companies are on board and telling them what the government want, and the education system is working hard on the second and third generation of dedicated non thinkers.

Sooooo fucking depressing.

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Call me Infidel said...

You may be right that it is part of the softening up exercise, but my view is that it is more a reflection on the increasing levels of litigation from ambulance chasing shysters. I suspect Sainsbury are constantly having to fend of spurious legal suits form greedy fuckwits.

Something I read today which sums up Britain amd makes me glad I got out.

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