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Wednesday, 29 July 2009

You'd have thought they'd be nearly recession proof.

All businesses do deals from time to time, and in these financially tight times it seems brothels are no different. German brothels have nicked an idea long used by Chinese restaurants and are offering a flat rate fee for the pleasurable company of as many prostitutes as your, ah, stamina can cope with.
...imaginative offers include rebates for pensioners and people on benefits, 10 per cent discounts for men who arrive by bicycle or public transport, and free shoe-polishing for customers who stay overnight.
But it is the flat-rate deals – which are priced as low as £60 (€70) – that have attracted particular controversy in a country where prostitution is legal and generally well-tolerated.
The promotion is popular which brothel owners who have to pay their sex workers a fixed daily wage whether or not they have any clients.
If it happens here I'm sure it'll be called All-You-Can-Root-For-A-Hundred-Bucks or something.

The strange thing though is that they need to do this. I thought sex would be mostly recession proof, but maybe when money's tight guys will go for cheaper alternatives. Being happily married it's not something I've ever given a great deal of thought to, but I'm certainly not bent out of shape about the idea of a legal business promoting itself. Unlike some.
But conservative politicians have expressed disgust at the innovation and have ordered a wave of police raids on sex clubs in an effort to bring it to an end.
“This is an outrageous violation of human dignity,” Heribert Rech, the Baden-Württemberg interior minister, told The Times.
“So-called flat-rate sex is an immoral development which cannot be tolerated in our society.”
Oh, piss off. Who the fuck are they to rule on morality and what can and can't be tolerated? Locals who object can always move away or avoid that road but look, if you're going to get bent out of shape about that sort of thing you are, not to put too fine a point on it, fucked - brothels exist, okay? End of. Get over it.
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