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Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Sounds about right.

I’ve always loved the cricket, insists everyone.
As England ended a 75-year wait for a test victory against Australia at Lords, absolutely everybody has claimed to be a long-time cricket lover.

The 115 run victory may have surprised the experts, but everybody else is claiming they knew England would win all along.

One supporter said, “I definitely love cricket - those Flintoff brothers Andrew and Freddie have done brilliantly, all the home runs they hit were amazing.”

“And then there were all the conversions they got at the end there, incredible!”

With Ashes mania expected to hit the nation now that it seems we might actually win a series against Australia, long-time cricket lovers have outed themselves in workplaces everywhere.

“It’s funny, I’d never realised how much I love cricket until yesterday,” said one cricket fan.

“I mean, I’ve never been to a game, or watched it on the telly, and I wouldn’t know an England cricketer if he punched me in the face.”

“But it’s clear that subconsciously, I’ve always loved cricket to my very core, because when I heard the score, and that we’d beaten Australia, I couldn’t stop smiling.”

“So from this point on, I am a committed member of England’s fan base.”

“Right up until we lose the next match to Australia.”
It sounds just like me, except I can't be bothered to pretend.


Dick Puddlecote said...

Would have e-mailed this but ...

Been reading you on RSS for a while and reckon you could add expert commentary on this.

I hope you can enlighten us as to how Australia came to be an anti-everything society.

Dick :-)

Angry Exile said...

The tasering of the petrol sniffer, being just the latest and most horrific controversial taser incident here, is on my mental list of things to blog about, though you've beaten me to the punch and there's not a lot I can add to it other than that there's still a rather paternalistic attitude towards indigenous Australians. The sniffing substance law probably exists because of Aboriginal people being denied booze getting wasted on petrol fumes instead. Naturally the powers that be don't want to look at it as a possible negative effect of alcohol restrictions, partly because they in turn are sometimes brought in at the request of indigenous communities and Elders, and partly because politicians everywhere will instinctively react by banning something else instead of considering more freedom as a solution. Yeah, mental, though hardly unique to Australia.

I hope you can enlighten us as to how Australia came to be an anti-everything society.
Worthy of a fairly long blog, but I've touched on it from time to time. The short version is that Australia is a low level nanny state but because of the history - different colonies that became states on Federation - the level of nannyism and what is being nannied varies depending on where you are.

But it's a fairly low level form of authoritarianism and on a day to day basis it's merely annoying most of the time, occasionally gusting offensive and patronizing - see the one about the Tasmanian "ilLiberal" leader. Yet there's nothing like the variety of semi-enabling and liberty reducing Acts that the British government has passed in the last decade or so, and which according to a paper here has turned the place into the first "soft totalitarian" state.

Might find time at the weekend for longer thoughts on the topic.

Dick Puddlecote said...

Cheers AE, very interesting. Ta for your input at my place too.

Is there a link to the 'soft totalitarian state' quote? I seem to remember you mentioning that somewhere before (though I might have just imagined it).

Look forward to your weekend musings. :-)

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