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Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Tasmanian ILliberals.

Following on from an observation I made at the beginning of the year that the Liberals here in Australia are anything but liberal I've just seen some further proof as if any were needed. Tasmanian Liberals are proposing that school kids with poor records should be made to wait longer before they can learn to drive.
Liberal leader Will Hodgman wants to stop students with bad school records getting their driver's licence for up to two years.

Those with high absenteeism rates, suspensions or expulsions could have to wait until after they turn 18 to apply for a learner's permit.

Driving was a privilege, not a right, Mr Hodgman told The Mercury.

"If we can't trust students behind the desk, how can we trust them behind the wheel?" he said.
Because what they do and how they behave "behind the desk" as you put it may well have absolutely fuck all relevance to how they behave behind the wheel? Because they may be skiving off because the school is poor and they're learning more in libraries and on the net, or because they're being bullied and the school is doing fuck all about it? Look, Hodgman, if there's a problem with absenteeism then rather than this disgusting imposition of a completely unrelated penalty how about sitting the kid down and asking what the fuck is going on? As for suspensions and expulsions, I thought they were supposed to be their own punishment. If so why resort to another punishment on top of that?

That's not just illiberal, it's fucking evil.
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