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Wednesday, 1 July 2009

One step closer to blackouts.

Will all this regulation seem such a good idea when the UK is no longer capable of keeping the lights on? Bad enough that the country is no longer capable of building a nuclear power station itself, but to hire outside expertise and then kick up about safety when the French have clearly more knowledge on the subject... I don't know, it seems like hiring an architect and then standing behind him telling him he's doing it wrong. Maybe there is a concern with the EPR but if so then build another design with a thoroughly proven track record. It also strikes me that if the French don't know what they're doing when they've invested so heavily in nuclear power that they now get the majority of their electricity from it then nobody does. And if so then why get the French involved in the first place?

Oh yeah, that'd be because Britain can't do it.


INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

You licky, lucky,lucky, lucky barsterward.

Oh to be in Oz!!!

The cretins around here don't realise that they live in real estate that gets repopulated every so often with compliant Inhabited Carbom Based Life Forms. Every century before a big stoochie the locals get decanted and replaced.

However it's not just the lights that don't work. Watch very closely because soon you'll find, No water, No food, No medical cover, No education, No sanitation, random violence, randon justice, random statute, in fact a total fekkwittery.

All by design.


As I said you lucky,lucky,lucky...


Angry Exile said...

It's good here, but it's not all gravy. We're still in a long drought - or possibly extra rainfall in the recent past has stopped and we're back to normal, who can say? Either way water is a problem and I think it's not as well managed as it could be. There's also a lot of over regulation, much of it petty and annoying rather than intrusive and offensive as per the UK. But better than the UK... oh yes.

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