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Thursday, 2 July 2009

Worst or best in Europe.

This boils my piss, this fucking sense of entitlement people have now and how they just fucking expect everything they want in life to be handed to them, generally by the state. And the state itself is to blame for attempting to fund anything and everything it thinks its citizens want out of life, thereby encouraging this sense of entitlement in the first place. This includes fertility treatment on the NHfuckingS, which is what is boiling my piss right now.
Poor NHS funding of IVF means that infertile British couples are among the least likely in Europe to receive the treatment they need to start a family, new official figures have shown.

The latest European league table of access to fertility treatment has placed Britain 11th of 13 countries providing data for 2006, with only Germany and Montenegro providing fewer cycles of IVF in proportion to their population.
Well? Fucking good I say. The only thing that's wrong with that is the UK isn't 13th out of 13, or better yet, dropped out of consideration altogether by not fucking funding fertility treatment at all. Children are not an entitlement. I have almost endles sympathy for couples unable to have a child of their own without medical intervention but, and I can't stress this enough, life is like that sometimes and you just have to play the hand you're dealt. There's no God given right to have children - how can there be even if there is a God to give it? Some people can't have kids naturally, and some of them won't be able to avoid private IVF treatment. Sad, but why should everyone else be forced to pay? Look at it this way, some people will be born so ugly or with such deeply unattractive personalities that nobody will want to procreate with them unless money is involved. Does the NHS pay for the cosmetic surgery and/or therapy to improve their chances of a long term shag and maybe a sprog or two? Of course it fucking doesn't, so why the fucking fuck does it pay for IVF?

Stop it, and stop it right now. Children are a not a right or an entitlement to be gifted by the state's health provider. Children are a privilege to be treasured. That means that those who can't have kids need to deal with it, just as previous generations had to. It's harsh, but as I believe I've already mentioned life can be like that.
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