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Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Gordon is four stars.

As in the newspaper substitute for "cunt" by the sounds of it. I think that's what Clarkson meant by this:
Controversial Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson was in hot water again after he launched a tirade against Gordon Brown in front of the BBC show's live studio audience.
According to those watching, Mr Clarkson was speaking during the not-for-broadcast section of the programme when he referred to the Prime Minister with a four-letter swear word generally considered to be the most offensive in the English language.
Uh-huh. That's code for "cunt" alright.
According to the Guardian, an eyewitness said Clarkson, 49, was talking about government policy and said: "The reason you can't do that is because Gordon Brown is a ----."
Hyphens, asterisks, rows of full stops. So what? We all know what was meant already because "Gordon Brown" is almost code for "cunt" anyway. Don't believe me? Try it out for size - "Some bladdered girl dropped her knickers and got her Gordon Brown out last Friday night." "What the fuck are you doing, you daft Gordon?", "A particularly Browny police Gordonstable pulled me over for no reason on the way to work." and "Some complete Gordon has fucked up the whole Browntry."
The BBC Two Controller, Janice Hadlow, was present when he made the remark on Wednesday night and is said to have confronted him over it afterwards.
According to a BBC spokeswoman, Hadlow holds Clarkson, who presides over the channel's top-rated programme, "in high regard".
She added that Clarkson and Hadlow had a "conversation" but the controller did not ask him to apologise.
"There was a discussion about the programme," the spokeswoman said. "It is certainly not an ongoing issue."
Oh, for fuck's sake. Number 1, why confront him about having an opinion that surprises nobody and can easily be cut from what gets broadcast? Number 2, why even consider asking him to apologize for having an opinion that surprises nobody and can easily be cut from the broadcast? Number 3, we can guess that the discussion was something along the lines of "Jeremy, sorry but that bit where you called Brown a cunt can't possibly go out", "Mmmm, fine, but have you seen a packet of Marlboro around here somewhere?"
However, it may be an issue for the beleaguered Prime Minister, who Mr Clarkson has already had to apologised to for calling him a "one-eyed Scottish idiot" in February.
Not quite. As I recall the apology, such as it was, was only about the one-eyed bit. And what the hell's the problem now? In effect someone expressed an opinion in front of a limited number of others - he'd have known damn well that it would never be broadcast - and the press are jumping up and down. It can't be because it's Gordon Brown, who these days seems about as popular as tinned dog shit even among the left. So why? Because it's howwible fing to say or because it's a vewy wude word? Or because it was a slow news day and, this being in the celeb section, pads things out a bit for The Telegraph?

I'd say Gordon Brown isn't the only cunt involved in this article.

H/T David Davis at the Libertarian Alliance.
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