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Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Ooooh, now let me think...

... should ticket holders for Michael Jackson gigs at the O2 get a refund or hold on to the tickets as a memento. Cynic that I am, and with the hysteria so far, I seriously expected that a lot of people would actually go for this, but... posting messages on internet forums expressed their outrage at the proposal.
"What a con! £75 for a worthless piece of paper! Sounds like the promoters are desperately trying to keep some of the money they've made," said one. Another wrote: "I had tickets to the opening night and I think it's awful that AEG are exploiting the fans by making them pay full concert price for the souvenir tickets. If they really wanted to treat us with 'reverence and respect' then they would offer the refund AND the tickets, and not make this blatant attempt to cover their financial losses."
Maybe people will only stay crazy until someone tries to take the piss out of them for money?
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