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Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Roswell, West Sussex.

Among the bones outside the Thylacosmilus's cave I spied this:
Our teacher's been abducted by aliens! Pupils terrified as UFO stunt backfires.


To make it look realistic, the school obtained sirens and flashing lights from the police and littered the grounds with debris from the 'spaceship'.


At the start of the day, head Diana Goss informed pupils that an alien craft had crashed near the school and pupils were encouraged to 'follow a trail of debris' before stumbling across the UFO.
Sussex Police set up a crime scene around the crashed craft and supplied a police constable and a community support officer for two hours to help the children produce witness statements.
Pupils were told that Joy Law, the school's learning support teacher, who is responsible for special needs pupils, had been abducted.
Oh for fuck's sake.

Is this what passes for education in the UK these days? (Don't answer that.)

Is this what passes for a sensible use of police resources? (Don't answer that either.)

I just can't be bothered to rip this lunacy to shreds, not least because Julia has already mauled it pretty savagely.
And all those parents who have told their childrn to trust the police, because they never lie to you, will be having some awkward moments right about now...
Yeah, and the teachers too. I expect most will get over it in the same way we all learn that there's no Father Christmas and the Tooth Fairy is really your mum or dad leaving a coin under your pillow, but what an appalling waste of fucking time and effort on, and let's be fair about this, complete bollocks. Why not just make the fucking X Files part of the National Curriculum and done with it? It's as factual as this shite, and since the truth certainly wasn't in or around Southway Junior School it's fair to suppose it might just be "out there" instead.

Might as well find out how to make a tinfoil hat too.

Clearly it's not just her head being monitored by them.
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