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Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Pricing the poor out of a tertiary education.

In his first speech on higher education since it became part of his remit, Lord Mandelson said more must be done to encourage the poorest students to go to university.
While he said he would not pre-empt the tuition fee review, which is due to begin later this year, Lord Mandelson said he does not believe the issues of fees, access to university and student support can be separated.
He said: "Any institution that wants to use greater costs to the student to fund excellence must face an equal expectation to ensure that its services remain accessible to more than just those with the ability to pay."
Fucking hell, you scaly, fork tongued cunt! You're the fucking ones who started charging them in the first place.

Look, either take it over and kill the fees altogether, or fuck off and let unis and other higher education establishments charge whatever the market can bear, and maybe encourage some charitable funding of uni courses for poorer students (of ability, of course) by fucking off out of that area as well.

In fact why not just fuck off?
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